Theoretical framework on feasibility of chili as mosquito repellant

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I want to identify and describe these differences, focusing on the nineties, and to discuss why the changes came about. The commonly used commercial Mosquito Repellent in the Philippines is quite unaffordable and use chemical that may cause irritation. The plants are to be observed every two to three hours until a week.

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Feasibility of Chili and Kamias Mosquito Repellant

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The Effectiveness of Chili and Kamias as Natural Insect Repellant

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Conclusion and Recommendation In this investigatory project, we tried and proved that Chili and Kamias is a good alternative mosquito killer.

Three aluminum pans were labeled 0 mL, Due to economic crises the researcher found a solution to get rid of mosquitos that exist in locality. Strike out imprecise words, inserting more exact terms above them here is the advantage of skipping lines.

Methodology In our experiment, we have conducted several steps. Insects and pests need to be kept away because they cause diseases and cause damage to property.

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Background of the Study: This study is done by the researcher to give importance to the chili and kamias fruit. Not just in food, but the researcher wanted to produce a mosquito killer out of them.

Feasibility of Chili and Kamias Mosquito Repellant; Feasibility of Chili and Kamias Mosquito Repellant. 7 July We conducted this research because we wanted to see if Kamias and Chili is a good alternative mosquito repellant.

Lemongrass as Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellants are really expensive nowadays, and we wanted to see if this mosquito repellant of. A combination of four interventions in different settings is proposed for the mosquito-borne diseases: the use of insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets; the screening of windows, doors and eaves of houses; the application of zooprophylaxis in places where mosquitoes.

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Theoretical Framework/Conceptual Safety defines much of the home life, and pesticides do an impeccable work of endangering it. With the influx of insecticides and anti-pest products in the market today (and the easy access that comes with the trade), exposure has just become a looming prospect/5(73).

The Feasibility of Chili and Kamias as Mosquito Killer

This study will explore the importance of the chili and kamias fruit as an insect repellent. According to recent studies on the feasibility of Chili peppers as a potent pesticide, it was found out that Powdered chili pepper deters the onion fly, Delia antiqua, from laying eggs and a chemical from from hot peppers reduces growth of the spiny.

Theoretical framework on feasibility of chili as mosquito repellant
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