Downgrade rights for microsoft volume licensing

It is up to you to ensure that you are properly licensed for all possible scenarios. It needs 2 Windows Server licenses. Microsoft Office is licensed per device only.

This downgrade right is available "through the sales lifecycle of Windows 7 which is up to two years after the launch date of a new version. You cannot transfer those VOSEs licenses to another host. Use genuine Windows media and a corresponding product key for the version of Windows that is eligible for downgrade.

The only other potential restriction is that the license cannot be OEM, since that type of license is never transferable under any circumstances. However, if you have Software Assurance for your desktop operating system, it allows you to connect to virtualized desktops within a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI environment.

Understanding downgrade rights

Authorizing a third party to exercise downgrade rights for an end user Because downgrade rights apply to end users, they are not designed for third-party facilitation, which has many complications. Software titles where n-2 and n-3 versions are available can be viewed here.

Microsoft software license dependency guide December A comprehensive list of Microsoft software licenses and dependent licenses the "software stack" required under the terms of Volume Licensing programs.

Call the number and explain the circumstances. Downgrade Rights generally apply to the version here, version refers to year of the software, but occasionally also involve editions here, editions refer to named version like — Enterprise, Standard, Professional, and Datacenter of the software.

The minimum number of licenses required for a Volume License Agreement is five 5. Unless your agreement contains subscription licenses, the licenses are perpetual, however, Software Assurance is not perpetual.

This is why you will see many different downloads available on the Volume Licensing web site. All volume license software is made available for free download through the Microsoft Volume Licensing web site https: For example, if you have an application that is compatible with Office but not Officeyou could purchase a Office license and use the downgrade rights to install Office instead.

Windows lifecycle fact sheet

Windows Server R2 Essentials Includes downgrade rights to an earlier version of: If you install Windows Server directly to the physical hardware, it will need to be activated but it will only take one license key.

Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate include downgrade rights to: It is also important to understand that although Microsoft grants downgrade rights we do not necessarily provide the means media and product keys to downgrade. Quantities of less than five can also be purchased economically by making up the additional license using an inexpensive "make up" product SKU.

Office 2016 Downgrade Rights

These people should be able to provide specific info that is how they make their money. They can only be used on a specific number of systems concurrently. In this case, the appropriate local Activation Support phone number will be displayed.

Product activation and key information

For more information about access to prior product versions, please see the Fulfillment information section of the Microsoft Licensing site at www. Downgrade rights in Volume Licensing programs give you the right to downgrade to any prior version of the same product.

There is no difference in Windows Server pricing no matter what virtualization you use. Therefore, you cannot split them across different pieces of hardware.Recent changes to Volume Activation.

With Volume Licensing for products such as WindowsWindows Server R2, Windows Server R2 for Embedded Systems, Windows 7, Windows Server R2, Windows Vista, Windows ServerMicrosoft Officeand Officeyou must use Volume Activation (VA). Contact support for the Volume Licensing Service Center; Home User Support.

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Find support for Microsoft products Learn how different licensing options help your organization get the best value when purchasing and managing your Microsoft products and services.

Volume Licensing Service Center. Downgrade Rights Brief Microsoft server. Capitalized terms used, but not defined herein, shall have the meanings given to them in the Microsoft ISV Royalty License and Distribution Agreement (the “Agreement”) or the Microsoft Academic ISV Royalty License and Distribution Agreement (the “Academic Agreement”).

Find out about the basics of Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, which include Software Assurance, Shared Source, Open License, Select License, Select Plus, Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement, and Product Keys. Recent changes to Volume Activation.

With Volume Licensing for products such as WindowsWindows Server R2, Windows Server R2 for Embedded Systems, Windows 7, Windows Server R2, Windows Vista, Windows ServerMicrosoft Officeand Officeyou must use Volume Activation (VA). May 31,  · Can anyone provide clarity on the downgrade rights from Windows Server Standard to Windows Server R2 Standard??

These licenses would be under a Volume Licensing Agreement. From Microsoft's downgrade licensing document page 6 (MS Downgrade Rights) it looks like I only have R2 or earlier available to install with this license purchase.

Downgrade rights for microsoft volume licensing
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